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The College of Education for Human Sciences was established in the academic year 1993-1994 AD, and is the first nucleus of the University of Dhi Qar and includes five scientific departments: Arabic language, English language, history, geography, educational and psychological sciences. The evening study was opened in the college in the 1996-1997 academic year The college grants a bachelor’s degree in the above specializations, a master’s degree in Arabic is awarded to a specialist in language and literature, English language, modern history, educational and psychological sciences, and a doctorate in Arabic is awarded to a specialist in language and literature.

The College of Education for Human Sciences seeks to achieve quality and excellence and occupy a prominent position on the map of university education, by providing a distinguished environment for education and scientific research in the service of the university and society, in a way that qualifies it to compete at the local and external levels.
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The mission of the College of Education for Human Sciences is embodied by graduating a teacher specialized in the field of education who is able to compete in the labor market in the Ministry of Education and embracing graduates in the available specializations by completing postgraduate studies (Master’s, PhD) and carrying out scientific research that contributes to the advancement or solution of society’s problems as well as supporting the Ministry Higher education and scientific research with scientifically advanced energies to fill the need for specialists in Iraqi universities.

The college aims to prepare teachers with a bachelor’s degree in various disciplines who represent leaders and educators who have the ability to effectively contribute to the teaching and counseling process in middle and middle schools to contribute to creating social and educational changes by educating and guiding the new generation who believes in the necessity of developing, building and progressing the nation. In addition to the college’s endeavor to prepare a teacher with scientific, educational and social information to help him actively contribute to the upbringing of generations.

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