Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences

About the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences:
The department was established in the year 2012-2013 and before the first student session in the same academic year. The department accepts graduate students from the preparatory school in its scientific and literary branches and graduates of teachers’ houses and institutes, as well as the acceptance of licensed teachers. The study system followed in the department is an annual system for the initial study, the duration of the study There are four years in the department, after which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in educational and psychological sciences

Vision, mission and goals
the vision
Activating the role of the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences at the university by trying to identify effective methods in transferring knowledge to the educational, social and psychological aspects in order to serve the student and the various segments of society.

Preparing an (academic) generation capable of spreading psychological and educational awareness to the institutions of Iraqi society and state departments by participating in conferences, workshops, seminars and continuing education programs related to educational and psychological sciences inside and outside the university

general goal:
Creating a university environment for student success and professional preparation for students of the scientific and humanities departments in the College of Education.
Preparing teachers to teach educational and psychological subjects in teacher preparation institutes, and secondary and preparatory schools.
• Preparing qualified educators to practice the counseling process in educational institutions.
• Preparing qualified educators to work in the field of community service and various state institutions.
Instructor, Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences, name, title, certificate, specialization
1- Inaam Qassem Khafif, PhD Professor of Educational Psychology
2- Abdel Karim Atta Karim, PhD Professor of Developmental Psychology
3- Abdel Bari Mayeh, Assistant Professor of Ph.D., Experimental Psychology
4- Abd al-Abbas Ghassib, assistant professor, doctorate in mental health
5- Ali Abdel Dakhil, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Methods of Teaching Arabic Language
6-Sanabel Sabaan Salman, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., General Teaching Methods
7- Maitham Muhammad Faisal, teacher of a master’s degree in educational administration
8- Abdel-Khaleq Khudair, PhD teacher, social-cognitive psychology
9- Roaa Falih Khudair, Master’s teacher, Arabic language
10- Azhar Ali Asi, master’s teacher, Arabic language
11- Kamel Rahi Marzak, a master’s teacher of Arabic language
12 – Wissam Nayef Adnan, assistant teacher, master’s degree, psychological counseling.

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