About the department

The Department of History was created during the 1993-1994 academic year, when the College of Education was opened in Dhi Qar, affiliated to Basra University, during that year.
After that, Dr. Mahdi Oreibi Hussein became head of the department until 1998
– Dr. Adel Makki Attia became the head of the department until 2002
After that, Dr. Hussein Ali Abdel Hussein became head of the department until 2006
Then Dr. Naim Karim Ajimi became head of the department until 2011.
– Then, Dr. Mohsen Rashid Tarim assumed the presidency of the department until 2015
After that, Dr. Imad Jassem Hassan became the head of the department

The department grants a bachelor’s degree in history since the 1997-1998 academic year, and postgraduate studies have also been developed in the department/master’s in modern and contemporary history during the 2008-20107 academic year.

The evening study was introduced in the department during the 1996-1997 academic year
The number of teachers in the department is 32, including 8 at the level of professor, 12 at the level of assistant professor, 7 at the level of teacher, and 5 at the level of assistant teacher
The number of students in the department during the 2017-2018 academic year was (511) students and 30 students in the evening study
The faculty members also conduct scientific and educational research in the field of specialization and participate in seminars, conferences and workshops held by the department, college or other universities, as well as participating in international conferences outside Iraq.

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History curricula are one of the means of building the Iraqi personality that does not believe in extremism and intellectual isolation and believes in dialogue and openness to the other and the human right to coexist in peace and enhance the value of belonging to the land inspired by our rich history and its pages of human values, ideals and tolerance with the other in different eras.

Department message:

The message of the history curricula is to find solid ways and means to study human history, a comprehensive study that focuses on drawing inspiration from its civilizational, human and moral values, emphasizing the role of the student in the learning process, being the focus of the educational and educational process at the university level, as well as preparing teaching staff who believe in the values ​​of the educational system in Iraq, which is based on principles The new constitution of Iraq and the benefit of all international experiences in the field of history curricula, especially the curricula of countries whose social composition is similar to that of Iraq.

Department goals

Within the framework of the general objectives of the College of Education and the special objectives of the Department of History, the Department of History aims at the following:

Understanding the present, anticipating the future, revealing the changing requirements of social life, realizing the reality of social development, and highlighting the relationships that cause events and facts.
The ability to support the teaching of history in educational institutions, middle and secondary schools, vocational schools, and various educational and technical institutes.
Develop actual skills and abilities by training the student and training him on the principles of research based on thinking, criticism, analysis and comparison, as well as conscious reading of history that affects his daily and behavioral life.
Contribute to the scientific progress of science through scientific research or participation in local, Arab and international conferences.
Accommodating a number of graduates from the Department of History who wish to complete their master’s studies on public or private channels for the purpose of advancing the scientific and educational reality for them to be able to contribute to research and historical studies.
Developing capabilities to transfer knowledge to others, especially students, in order to advance the educational process and prepare the future generation.

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